Monday, February 8, 2010


Here is the best shot we could get of the lumps on JD's neck. The first one (under his ear) is the worst. The second one (kind of under his chin) isn't quite as large and is definitely not as red. They both look bad though!
JD’s follow-up appointment was supposed to be January 28, 2010 but we got a call from the doctor’s office the day before telling us that we had to reschedule because our doctor was going to be in Haiti. They scheduled us for this morning (February 8, 2010) at 8:45am. We got there early (I know – I was shocked we were early too, Tiffany! ) and we waited until about 9:00am before they called us back. Then we waited another 20 minutes until the doctor came in. The doctor came in only it wasn’t Dr. Albernaz – it was a medical resident. (*yay*) She asked me a bunch of questions about what had been going on (when it started, symptoms, etc). I explained that the antibiotics he’d been on were supposed to clear up the infection and shrink/heal the “lumps” but they’ve gotten bigger! After she got all her info she went out in the hallway to “confer” with the specialist. Then the door opened and in came the specialist, and not one but TWO of the wonderful residents!
Dr. Albernaz examined JD and asked me some more questions. He then said that he thinks our next step will be to have an ultrasound done on his neck to examine the lumps. They’re also going to use a needle to aspirate the lumps while doing the ultrasound so they have a guide as to where the needle is going. JD will have to be sedated during this procedure – the doctor was surprised that I knew what sedated meant. Guess he thinks it’s an uncommon word?? He put JD on the same antibiotic – that didn’t do any good the first time – and said we’ll try another round of antibiotics. After the ultrasound and aspiration we have to go back to the specialist again! Clearly he thinks we are made of money!! Anyway- it’s very frustrating because we still do not know anything. Please keep praying for healing for JD and for patience for me! Our insurance isn’t covering any of this so every time they’re dragging it out I panic a bit! It’s my child’s health and I’d do anything for him but you all know what I mean. Doctors don’t always think about the most cost-effective method for their patients. Anyway- thank you for your continued prayers. The ultrasound/aspiration is supposed to be this week so hopefully I’ll have more news soon.

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