Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Step...

I got a phone call this morning from our pediatrician's office stating that the doctor wanted me to bring JD in ASAP. There was no explanation as to why - just that they needed him in the office today. We arrived at 1:15 and were with the doctor by 1:30. Well, the doctor said he wanted us to come in so he could check JD again and make sure there was no positive change to the masses on JD's neck. After examining him the doctor said there has definitely not been any progress; therefore, he is going to be calling the hospital to schedule the CT Scan and surgery. He said we should hear back from him sometime tomorrow regarding the details.

He said he is going to try and arrange it so that JD does NOT have to be sedated for the CT Scan. He said they sometimes allow the children to stay awake and just place them in a straight-jacket type coat and strap their head down so he cannot move. The doctor said the CT Scan will take less than 5 minutes, if we can get JD to hold still that long. After the CT Scan he is trying to arrange to have the Operating Room standing by for the surgery to remove the masses.

I asked the doctor and he said they will be removing BOTH masses. They will get the bulk of the masses but are not going to try and get all of it. He said the parts that are removed will be frozen and sent off to the lab to be anazlyzed. If theyare found to be something that will grow back then they will have to go back in and remove the rest in a meticulous manner - the doctor feels this is VERY unlikely. If they are proven to be just an infection that will NOT grow back, they will remove as much as possible then just treat the rest with antibiotics. At this point he said the symptoms are pointing to an abcess or microbacterial/fungal disease. He said right now he's just making an educated guess - we won't know for sure until they are removed.

Our pediatrician said he will be making the calls/arrangements with the hospital tomorrow and will then call me with the details. We had a feeling this was the next step, but now that it's here there are no words to explain what I'm feeling/thinking. Please continue to pray for us. I don't even know what to ask for specifically right now...just pray. Thank you!

In His Hands,
Jeremiah, Crista, & JD


  1. I had no idea you guys were going through all of this! I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you as his mommy. I will be praying for you and JD and for the Lord's hand in everything!
    Love, Aleassa

  2. I didn't realize this either, and am so thankful you sent a note about it on facebook. I'm sorry you and your family are dealing with this right now; it must be so hard as a mom to not know what is really going on. I praise God that you can trust Him, and pray that you will feel His arms around you over the next few weeks as you continue to learn, wait, and pray! He is the Great Physician and we can praise Him for that. May you experience His peace during this unrestful time. will following closely for updates. God bless you, friend!

  3. @ Aleassa and Kari - thank you both for your prayers and your sweet words. It's a very hard situation for us. We know GOD is holding us through each step but it is such a challenging time for me personally. I'm really struggling with it! It's unbelievably hard when it's your son!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. We wouldn't be able to get through any of this without them. I am so blessed to have praying friends. Thank you both!