Friday, January 30, 2009

At the Well

Through looking at other people's blogs I have found quite an interesting array of sites. Anything from Chinese computer mumbo-jumbo, to photography sites, clothing sales, recipe share-sites, and many more. The ones that really captivate me are the ones that have meaning. Not just rambling people but soul-conscience people. I recently came across a site called, At the Well...In Pursuit of Titus 2. What an amazing site! This a site that is dedicated to bringing women "together" in effort to uplift and edify each other in Jesus' name. It's a new ministry just getting ready to launch their grand opening. It's amazing how GOD brings sites like these across people's paths- just when they need it. I am excited to see how GOD will use this ministry in the lives of women all around the world.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amazing Opportunity

This was written last week and I thought I published it...obviously not! So here goes try #2.

Ever since I graduated from college I have wanted to do graphic design work. I mean, after all, that is what I studied, right? Well, I have done a few odds and ends jobs but nothing too big. I did some business cards for my dad and my father-in-law. I was given the opportunity to do our church's logo and bulletin- I wasn't happy with the final product at all. I've never done anything too big though- and I've never gotten paid for my design work (except by my dad- he bought me dishes!). That's about to change! I have now been asked to design the gymnasium floor of our church's school. This is huge to me. When I was approached to do this project I was stunned. I couldn't believe they were asking me to do it....and then they said that it was a paid job. THANK YOU LORD! You see, Jeremiah has been trying to find a second job for quite some time and I feel bad that I cannot really contribute to our finances, outside of my 9-5 job. I do freelance photography/graphic design, but business is really slow right now. I hate that the only extra income is from work Jeremiah has to find. This was such a hugh answer to prayer. Pray that I will have the guidance and skill it takes to complete a successful design for the school and that it will possibly open the door to more design/photography opportunities. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Penny Saved Is....Still Just A Penny

Well, I'm right there with the rest of the "average Joe's" and am waiting for things to pick up in the economy. See, at this time last year I was in a completely different spot. I was working for Wachovia and having monthly bonuses over a $1000. (Yes, you read that right!) I was still pregnant, and my husband was working overtime quite regularly. So, there was quite a bit of extra money coming in, and we were finally digging ourselves out of the deep dark hole of debt that we had so quickly gotten ourselves into. Well, it's 2009, and here are the current standings- I don't work with Wachovia anymore, so no more $1000 a month bonuses. I had my baby in April so we now have something to spend that extra $ on. :) And due to the economy, Jeremiah is no longer working overtime. In fact, his regular hours are occasionally being cut, and his paychecks shrank due to insurance costs for our bouncing, baby boy!

You see, the average person would assess the situation and start to worry. Not me, though! I am not the... well, actually, YES I AM! I am a constant worrier. I like to see what the problem is and see the solution right away. I am not patient. Right before the baby was born and Jeremiah's overtime started getting cut, I looked at Miah and said "What have we done?!?! We can't afford a baby!" Then I changed jobs (of my own free will) and when the pay was less I again said, "What have we done!?! We can't afford a job change!" I have worried and stressed each step of the way, BUT every time we have needed something the Lord has provided. I cannot tell you how many times and ways HE provided, but HE has. It amazes me to look back and see what the Lord did for us in 2008. I know that HE will still provide for us, yet, I still doubt, fear, and worry each time I see our checking account balance decrease and the bills still come.

This past week at church, both Sunday school and Sunday morning's messages were on the same thing: Finances and Faith. Prior to the service, I had already realized that I didn't have finances, but I was reminded during the sermon that I was also lacking in faith. As many times as GOD has provided for us, how could I still doubt? The thing is, GOD isn't handing me a piece of paper with HIS plan written out. I have to SEE the plan and know that it will work; I have to be in control of the situation. GOD doesn't work that way. HE says "Be still, and know that I am GOD." HE has to repeat that over, and over, and over, and... (you get the point) to me sometimes because I just don't listen. I can't say that I'm not going to worry, but I am going to try harder to let go of the purse strings and let GOD take over. It may not work out the way I think is best, but I know that it will work out as GOD sees it is best. In the meantime, we are doing what we can. Jeremiah is looking for a second job, I'm looking for side jobs in design, photography, and music lessons. We are cutting out costs where we can and doing our best to not get in any deeper. Mainly I am trying my best to say, "GOD I am doing all I can, but this one is up to you. I've gone as far as my humanity will let me and I have to have faith that you will get me the rest of the way!"

GOD wants to bless us, but too often we get in the way. I know that the messages on Sunday had my name written on them in big, red, capital, bolded, underlined letters-- and I saw them..finally. ;) I didn't make any resolutions this year, except for one. Let go and let GOD! I have to remind myself repeatedly that I made that resolution, but I know that it is the best way to live. Our feeble minds cannot comprehend all that GOD wants and wills for us. HE will provide for our every NEED (not wants, but needs) and we have be smart enough and responsible enough to take what HE gives us and use it for HIS honor and glory.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm New Here

For quite some time now I've been wanting to start a blog. Jeremiah says that it's just because I have friends who are bloggers, but I told him that I just think that it would be fun. So, after procrastinating for quite some time, I've decided to jump in and BLOG! I'm not too sure how faithful I'll be to it, or how interesting it will be, but I am here and pledging my allegiance to the world of the blogger.
So as a "newbie"- allow me to introduce myself. I'm Crista- born and raised in Maryland, then moved to Texas at age 11, then on to Florida at age 15, then on to North Carolina at age 21. As you can see, I don't stay too long in one place :) I met my husband my senior year of high school... and couldn't stand him! We did not get along at all. During my sophomore year of college we ran into each other and one thing led to another- and well, the wedding was November 25, 2005. We moved to North Carolina, following my graduation from college in 2006. Our son, JD was born April 28, 2008 and now....well, now I'm blogging! I'll give more on our life as I get into this world of "bloggin", but that will pretty much catch you up for now. Hope to see you here again soon!