Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm a Procrastinator

Well, in case you haven't noticed I am definitely struggling with staying on top of blogging. Too many other things take up my time and this just gets put on the back burner. It's frustrating, but that's just how it is. I'll give a brief update before moving on to my next task! :)

As far as the design project for the school I was talking about before - I am still waiting for them to get an estimate done by the guy who will actually DO the floor before I can get started on designing it. It's dragging out forever and driving me crazy.

~ JD had been acting a bit off, and I thought he was just teething. IF ONLY! I took him to the doctor and found out that his ear drum had burst! Poor little guy. He's on meds now and is starting to feel better I think, but he's still not himself! The doctor said the burst ear drum is likely caused by the fact that JD has a mouth full of teeth coming through, all at the same time! He said JD's body's way of dealing with the pain is internal, evidently. On top of that, JD is becoming more and more mobile. He is now climbing stairs and has even taken his first steps. It's bittersweet! I love seeing him grow into each stage, but it makes me miss my itty-bitty baby boy. With his 1 year birthday a month away it just makes me realize how fast he's growing and quickly time has flown!

~ Miah's parents are going to be coming for a visit next week and will be here for two weeks. I'm so excited that they're coming! We don't usually get to have them here for as long of a visit so it will be a nice treat! However, their visit has spurred me to get some major cleaning and "improvements" done around the house. I have been spring cleaning in a lot of areas throughout the house as I have time. I just want it to look nice for their visit. We're doing some much needed painting as well. That's the best part for me. We have lived in this house since July 2006 and still haven't painted all the rooms. Some need it more than others, so last night Miah and I painted our downstairs bath. It is a much needed - and much appreciated change! I haven't gotten to decorate yet, but the paint alone has made a HUGE least to me! Now to decide on the colors for the rest of the rooms. Hmmm!

~ I've got a photo shoot scheduled for this weekend that I am so STOKED about! I'm doing bridal portraits for Miah's cousin. I am absolutely thrilled about this opportunity. GOD truly brings these opportunities when Miah and I need them most. Photography is becoming more and more my passion. I love the chance to capture the greatest joys and moments in people's lives. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm so thankful that I get to share in those special moments!

Anyway, that is the recent happenings of my family, in a nutshell. I hope to get more recent pictures up here soon! Until next time...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Break the Silence, Break the Violence

Ok, so I joined the ranks of the Mary Kay company last week. Don't worry! I'm not planning to be running around with big hair, pink nails, too much lipstick, stiletto heels, or pink cadillacs. I am just doing this to help supplement our income during some tough financial times.
Although I am not diving in head first and immersing myself in all the promos or opportunities, I am impressed by a few key things about the MK business. Right now we have a promo going where we are asking 24 people to buy $24 of MK products, in the next 24 hours. (obviously you can order at any time!) But then a % of all my sales will go to the "Break the Silence, Break the Violence" cause to stop Domestic Violence. Also, $1 will be donated for each facial I schedule during the month of March. (The facial can be scheduled FOR any time, but I have to set the appointment during March- make sense?!) If you are interested go to my site and view our products. You can place an order there or send me an order- it's up to you. This is such an amazing opportunity to be a blessing to women in need. And we get to have fun doing it :) Thanks in advance for supporting this great cause!