Wednesday, February 17, 2010

JD Update 2.0

Well, at least today didn't hold as much drama as last week - thankfully. God knows I can't do two weeks in a row like that! I met with JD's pediatrician again this morning to get the results of the aspiration/biopsy from last week. He said that the culture is still negative - which is good. He went over all the labs that have been done up to this point and said that there isn't anything definitive in any of the tests. He was concerned about the size/shape of the masses but after examining them , said that they feel like they may be softening some - which is also good. He said that he was concerned after he saw the pathology report that not all the tests were done that should have been. He told me it could be a micro-bacterial infection, infected cysts, etc. He said more tests need to be done to know for sure what this is and how to treat it. He also said that his gut feeling is that we are going to end up doing a CT Scan and then surgery to remove them. He said he wanted to talk to the pathologists, ENT specialist, as well as the Infectious Diseases (ID) office and get some of his questions answered. He was calling ID to see if there was something going around that he might not be aware of or be testing for. He said that would do that immediately and give me a call.

About an hour and a half later he called me back to say that he spoke with ID and they said it could be a couple different things but that they think that we are going the right route. They discussed the best test options and ID agreed that we may need a CT scan and surgery (it's becoming the popular diagnoses). Pathology said that they are able to run the extra tests on the samples that were already taken so JD doesn't have to go under the needle again...yet! *YAY* The results should be back within a day or two. They are primarily looking for micro diseases that may be more easily treated. Depending on the outcome of those tests we may be able to treat this with more meds OR guessed it - CT scan and surgery. The point of the CT is to do a blood map that the surgeon will use as a guide during the surgery.

So, we have to go tomorrow to have blood drawn to rule out another disease. Then next Monday, Feb 22, we'll have a follow-up with the specialist to go over the results of all the most recent tests. I'm so exhausted from all of this - emotionally and otherwise. My heart goes out ot my family and friends who deal daily with more serious health conditions. I don't know how you do it. I've prayed more in the past month and been drawn closer to GOD through all this. It's amazing how fast you fall to your knees when your baby is sick. JD is a trooper. He's not himself and I hate that! I want him to feel better!!! I know GOD has this in HIS hands and HE already knows the result of every test, scan, etc. We're still trusting and knowing that GOD can handle this. Thank you for your continued prayers! We are so very grateful for your support!!

In His Hands,
Jeremiah, Crista, & JD

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