Thursday, March 4, 2010

Preliminary Test Results - On the Right Road

Can I say I LOVE our pediatrician! He is so thorough and just amazes me! He's been so awesome through all of this and I can't imagine having any other doctor!!! The ENT specialist told me Tuesday that there are signs pointing to Cat Scratch Disease. I thought this was odd because JD has had at least two tests SPECIFICALLY testing for this. Also, I've thought it was odd because I don't even know someone who owns a cat...hrmmm! When I asked the specialist about all of this he told me that the specifics of it weren't his specialty and I need to talk to the ID doctor again. He said he would call over there and the ID would call me back on Wednesday.
This morning (Thursday) the ENT specialist's assistant called to see if I'd heard from ID. I said I hadn't. She said she would call ID and then call me right back. That was at's 1:50p now. So much for calling right back! It's more of the same for them. I was at their office on Tuesday for about an hour and a half and really got nothing accomplished. The doctor was only in the room for about 3-4 minutes. They had no real results yet so I'm not sure why I even had teh appointment.
However, my pediatrician called around 1:30p to give me the test results that had come in. JD does in fact have mycobacteria. He does NOT have TB or Cat Scratch. He said he saw where they were notating that as a possibility but said that it was negative. He said they couldn't figure it out from the original tests so they kind of just guessed! (that makes me feel great!) However, my pediatrician is on the ball and followed up on these tests and has a game plan!
GOD is great and amazes me that HE is working in all of these little things. They still have to wait for results to come back as to which mycobacteria he has (2-6 weeks) and then sensitivity tests for how to treat it (2+ more weeks) but at least we are on the right path. Right now I'm just thanking GOD for the small things AND thanking Dr. Holbrook for being amazing!
Please keep praying for us!

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  1. I know what you mean about Holbrook. When I asked about a pediatrician, a friend told me: "here's God, here's Dr Holbrook, and here are the rest of the pediatrician" I now believe him! So glad to hear the good news about JD!