Monday, March 15, 2010

A Battle Plan

Jeremiah, JD and I had an appointment with the Infectious Diseases Specialist Friday morning. We went over the test results and then discussed treatment options/possibilites. We now know which strand of the bacteria JD has and we FINALLY have a plan as to how to combat it!
Option 1: One of the common options of treatment is to just "not treat" and let the body take care of it. The ID doctor said that due to the mass in JD's throat he doesn't even want to consider this option. The mass could return and we would have no idea until it was too late. I agreed that we shouldn't go with this option. :)
Option 2: The alternate method of treatment is to combine 2-3 antibiotics and take them from 6 weeks - 24 months (depending on the situation). Patients who can't have surgery have to be on the meds longer. Since JD was able to have surgery to remove the bulk of the masses he would have to be on meds for 12 weeks. So, starting next week JD will start a 12-week antibiotic regimen of two antibiotics. After the 12 weeks is up we will go back in for another consult to see how he is doing. We are waiting for one final test that will determine whether he has to take a third med or not. We're praying that two meds will be enough!
We still have a ways to go before this is over but at least we are finally getting some answers and we have a plan to treat it and that is a huge relief for us! Your continued prayers and encouragement are such a blessing to us. I've included a few specific prayers requests so you are aware of our needs and can intercede for us.

- Positive reaction to the meds: The better JD reacts to the meds the less likely he'll have to have a second round (another 12 weeks)

- Minimal side effects: JD still isn't back to normal in his eating/sleeping habits due to all the meds he's been on/off of. Pray that the new meds don't mess him up even more

- Provision: We have been blessed by financial and food gifts from a couple different friends and family members. We are humbled and so very grateful for these blessings! We are praying that GOD continues to provide for the needs we have due to all of the medical bills, etc

Thank you again for your continued prayers. We couldn't have made it this far without your prayers and support. Please continue to intercede on our behalf! WE know that GOD hears the prayers of HIS children! Thank you!!

In His Hands,
Jeremiah, Crista, & JD

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