Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keeping Us on Our Toes

Never a dull moment! Well, we had another scare with JD. Yesterday morning I noticed a piece of skin hanging from one of the incisions. When I pulled it the incision started oozing...a lot! I will spare you the gross details, but suffice it to say that there was a lot that came out of it. It continued to ooze/bleed throughout the day. Last night we cleaned the area real well but noticed that the entire incision had split open. It's been almost a month since the surgery (I know, hard to believe) but you would think it would've healed by now. I called the doctor and they wanted me to bring JD in ASAP - so I did. After the doctor examined him and the area thoroughly he said he thinks that the infection had built up in the area and just needed somewhere to go. He said the incision hadn't healed enough to withstand the pressure and therefore reopened. This is a good thing because the infection is "leaving the area!" He did say that it looks like the meds are working - even though there is no difference in the appearance of the masses yet. So another scare that has been resolved! Please keep him in your prayers. The meds are kinda hard on his system but he's doing ok with them so far otherwise.

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